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Nothing is more frustrating on a project than supply-related delays.  Better planning on the part of your suppliers would have prevented costly delays and you have little control of the situation.  We understand and believe that a good electrical supply company can eliminate stress, headaches, scheduling issues and excessive cost to their clients.

CORE, like no other electrical supplier, has project managers and engineers on staff that fully understand all aspects of a project and can integrate with your project's team to understand its  complexities and requirements.  It is this extension of professional staff that CORE provides to a project that minimizes confusion, unforeseen circumstances, and product-related delays.

  • An easier process to accelerate a project.  Once a project schedule is re-sequenced or accelerated, CORE can adapt and provide the necessary products in a timely manner.
  • A projects cost can be better defined as pricing is received sooner in the process.
  • The occurrence of change orders is reduced.
  • Fewer disputes will likely occur as CORE will be your single point of contact.
  • Streamlined purchases and accounts payable as you are now dealing with a single company

CORE stands ready to be your Team Member and Turnkey provider for all your electrical and instrumentation supply needs. When product issues arise you no longer have to worry which of the dozen or so suppliers you need to call. By choosing CORE, you will be talking to an extension of your team. Choosing CORE is the best way to go.

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