Our Philosophy

Nothing is more frustrating on a project than supply-related delays.  Better planning on the part of your suppliers would have prevented costly delays and you have little control of the situation.  We understand and believe that a good electrical supply company can eliminate stress, headaches, scheduling issues and excessive cost to their clients.

CORE, like no other electrical supplier, has project managers and engineers on staff that fully understand all aspects of a project and can integrate with your project's team to understand its  complexities and requirements.  It is this extension of professional staff that CORE provides to a project that minimizes confusion, unforeseen circumstances, and product-related delays.

The team work and turnkey philosophy that CORE provides allows our clients to focus on other key issues on the project rather than supply needs.  CORE’s philosophy improves the client’s resource utilization.  When teams of people mutually cooperate to accomplish goals, the team completes work faster than otherwise would be possible. Using teams, multiple people can work simultaneously to complete individual tasks, ultimately reducing the time required to complete specific project activities and increases the speed with which primary objectives are accomplished.  Communication improves as team members interact on a continuous basis for the duration of a task or project.  Team members build a sense of fellowship and commitment to the accomplishment of the project objectives. Teamwork can help companies to be more flexible. By placing employees and suppliers together into one team, problems or bottlenecks can be ironed out more easily. As problems arise in one area, the entire team can deal with them and work can proceed much faster.

Allowing CORE to be your team member and turnkey provider of electrical and instrumentation supplies provides the following benefits:

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
  • Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
  • Thomas & Betts
  • Steel City
  • Alflex
  • Cooper Crouse-Hinds Company
  • Industrial Products
  • Hubbell Electrical Products
  • RACO
  • Thomas & Betts Corp.
  • Carlon
  • CANTEX Inc.
  • IPEX
  • Kraloy
  • Southern Pipe
  • Cooper Crouse-Hinds Company
  • Commercial Products
  • Minerallac Company

CORE stands ready to be your Team Member and Turnkey provider for all your electrical and instrumentation supply needs. When product issues arise you no longer have to worry which of the dozen or so suppliers you need to call. By choosing CORE, you will be talking to an extension of your team. Choosing CORE is the best way to go.

Supply Store and Office Hours:

7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday
8:00 am - Noon Saturday